Lana Joseph

Personal Information

  • Position: Senior Lawyer
  • Practice Area: Immigration Lawyer, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury
  • Address: 2900 Chamblee Tucker Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341
  • Phone: 770-302-1485
  • Email:
  • Fax: 770-305-6167

Personal Experience

I am attorney Lana Joseph. As a passionate attorney who has spent years helping other Atlanta residents, I am driven to help my community grow and develop positively. I believe that quality legal help can create a better life for everyone by:

  • Empowering the weak
  • Creating fair and just solutions
  • Protecting individuals’ rights
  • Giving you a voice in the world

At  L. Marcius Joseph & Associates, LLC., you can always feel confident that your needs are taken seriously and that I will do my best to help you achieve your dreams.

I believe in helping my community become a better place. After years directing people in need to the legal resources necessary to thrive, I developed a one-of-a-kind insight and empathy for my neighbors. As an immigrant, I know that I am in a unique position to truly understand the emotional journey immigrant families experience.

I have been through the immigration process. I understand how frustrating and emotional the bureaucratic system can be. I know that immigration questions are fundamentally about your future and your family’s future.

I stand by you throughout visa petitions, immigration meetings and other naturalization processes. I provide comprehensive legal help for those immigrating to the United States. I can guide you and advocate for you throughout the legal process, including:

  • Work visasI help individuals and their employers file for working rights and for employment visas (H1-B Visas), including for persons not currently in the United States. This includes comprehensive application review and verification processes.
  • Permanent residencyIf you are applying for first-time permanent residency or a change in status from a temporary visa to permanent residency, I can review and submit your application effectively.
  • Visa petitions for relativesI assist with family visas, including fiancée visas. This is one of the most rigorous legal processes. I can assist with verifying your relationships and applying for legal status.
  • Naturalization: The immigration process does not stop at residency. I can help you file for citizenship status.

I will be your passionate advocate and will stand in your corner. Schedule a consultation with me today.



Haitian Creole, English (fluent), French, Spanish

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