Thanks for your services, you truly care for your clients. You answered all my question and did your best in order for me to become a US permanent resident.

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Personal Injury

Are You Suffering Injuries Caused By Someone’s Careless Actions? If you have serious injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, you may have a right to file a personal injury claim to get compensation to pay for your medical bills, damaged property, lost and loss of future wages, and pain and suffering.

Immigration Law

Is someone you’re close to being affected by immigration policy, and not in a good way? My law office is here for you– whether your status as a resident is in danger due to criminal charges, or you were the victim of criminality, or you’ve done your best to “keep your nose clean” and deserve better from those who decide your fate.

Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested for suspicion of committing a crime? No matter the crime, you have rights and I will help you protect those rights. I am attorney Lana Joseph, a criminal defense lawyer determined to help you maintain your freedom and minimize the penalties against you.


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