"Lana Joseph has been very helpful. She is very well organized, easy to talk to and an all around good Lawyer. Highly recommended if you want a good results with your cases."
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Detailed Oriented/Patient/Thorough
Lana was referred to me by a friend of the family. Though I reside in South Florida and Lana in G.A., I was willing to give her a shot due to the raving reviews that I received first hand. Without fail, Atty Lana promptly responded to my after hour phone call and entertained me by listening to my dilemma before even requesting consultation fees. Lana is a great attorney who knows her craft, is very patient in listening first, provides great feedback that is reflective of her listening, is very detailed oriented and very honest although it may not be what one wants to hear. Lana was hired as a consultant due to the out-of-state status but her feedback shows how important her presence would have been. She’s not your typical Atty who makes you feel like your just a number on the list of clients they have. Lana is also very spiritually in-tuned and anyone who is humble enough to request spiritual support is one worthy of representing me. I choose Lana M Joseph any day, she truly rocks.
Excellent Service. No Hassle
I would like to thank Lana in handling my case. She was very polite and very professional. She even took the time to explain to me what I did not understand. She even took time to get in contact with my insurance to ensure I had to right documents for court. She responded on every email and text that I had questions and concerns and I got answers. Court went smoothly. Lana made herself accessible and told me if I have any other issues pertaining my case that she will aid in my understanding and dispute. Thank you once again on doing a great job. I would highly recommend Lana and her firm.
Excellent service
My lawyer Lana Marcius Joseph did a great job on my case. She was able to analyze all the details without fail and my case was admitted to the concerned without delay. And in less than two weeks, positive replies have been sent. She is an expert in her field I recommend and I will always recommend Mrs Joseph to anyone who needs her services.
Steph L.
Outstanding Lawyer
I had an emergency issue and it needed to be done right away. Lana Marcius Joseph was very professional, outstanding and extremely helpful and her fees were reasonable. I will definitely use her services for the future and would recommend her to family, friends and co-workers. Lana is impeccable!
Above & beyond
My attorney Mrs Joseph has done an excellent job with my case. Even after I had a bad experience with someone else, she fixed their mess and continues to do the best for me and my family. She is someone who is passionate about her clients and their cases.
Best law firm
Attorney Lana Marcius along with her staff is the absolute best. They are very professional, thorough and diligent. I could not have made a better choice in choosing an attorney and would recommend this law firm to anyone seeking an immigration attorney.
Samuel & phoebee
Lana Joseph has been very helpful. She is very well organized, easy to talk to and an all around good Lawyer. Highly recommended if you want a good results with your cases.
Thanks for your services, you truly care for your clients. You answered all my question and did your best in order for me to become a US permanent resident.
I know she will be a good Lawyer because she take time to Explain to you what ever you ask her to do , she make sure you understand I would recommend Lana to my friend at any time she the best at Immigration and Lawyer
Best Attorney
She is wonderful Attorney; she is always willing to listen and help you the best way she can. I will recommend her to anyone who’s facing a legal challenge.